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Home DNA/Paternity Test

99.9% Accuracy Guaranteed

The At-Home DNA Paternity Test Kit provides everything you need to test for paternity in the comfort and privacy of your home.

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Get DNA Tested Today, home kit

Step 1.

Label Swab Envelopes:

The information must be filled out completely for test to be accurate.

Step 2.

Collect DNA Samples:

Simply rub the Sterile Polyester Tipped Applicators for 30 seconds inside the cheeks of the individual being tested.

Step 3.

Place Applicator in Sample Envelope:

Remove the applicator from mouth, and place it directly into the DNA Sample Envelope labeled for that person.

Step 4.

Mail DNA Samples:

Detach the Business Reply Envelope portion of the kit, and place all DNA Sample Envelopes inside. Seal the envelope securely, and place in mail.